In our last post, we promised to discuss the important element of love in regards to near death experiences.

As we have seen, there is considerable evidence of survival of human consciousness after clinical death, implying a transphysical dimension of human nature and a transphysical origin of consciousness.

Overwhelming Love

However, it does not show that this transphysical dimension of consciousness is eternal. Nevertheless, there are some clues that this transphysical condition is eternal – e.g. the love and benevolence of the white light as well as the love of Jesus and deceased relatives and friends, which seem to betoken the intention of a loving deity to fulfill our greatest desire, namely, unconditional love and joy with that deity throughout eternity.

This last point deserves special consideration because in every instance in near death experiences of an encounter with the “being of light” in all of the above studies patients reported the experience to be one of intense love. The following case resembles hundreds of others reported by the above researchers:

I became very weak, and I fell down. I began to feel a sort of drifting, a movement of my real being in and out of my body, and to hear beautiful music.  I floated on down the hall and out the door onto the screened-in porch.

There, it almost seemed that clouds, a pink mist really, began to gather around me, and then I floated right straight on through the screen, just as though it weren’t there, and up into this pure crystal clear light, an illuminating white light.

It was beautiful and so bright, so radiant, but it didn’t hurt my eyes.  It’s not any kind of light you can describe on earth.  I didn’t actually see a person in this light, and yet it has a special identity, it definitely does. It is a light of perfect understanding and perfect love….

And all during this time, I felt as though I was surrounded by an overwhelming love and compassion.

This experience of overwhelming love by those who encountered the “being of light” may legitimately provoke the intuition that this being’s intention is not only transitory benevolence, but to give unconditional and eternal love — which corresponds to the fulfillment of our greatest desire.

Part VI will  bring this riveting topic on the evidence of the transcendent from studies done on near-death experiences to a close – but for more information on near death experiences, learn from our complete guide to NDEs!

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