Magis Center is announcing the release of its latest, and greatest, Catholic education tool – Credible Catholic. This priceless project is free online at for use by teachers, students, parents, and parishes.

Credible Catholic is an incredible teaching tool comprised of 20 modules that covers practically everything and anything one would want to know about the Catholic Faith.

We draw from the 20 modules to create programs tailored for confirmation, RCIA, marriage prep, and more. The first program is entitled the 7 Essential Modules. These modules were selected by Fr. Spitzer as an effective inoculation against the following “myth virusus”:

  1. Science has proven God does not exist.
  2. Suffering proves God does not exist. If God was all loving and all powerful he would and could stop suffering.
  3. Humans are just like other animals – a bunch of conglomerated atoms and molecules – there is no proof of any transcendent “soul” within us.
  4. There is no proof at all that Jesus was anything special and certainly not divine. There is no real proof of his existence or resurrection.

Credible Catholic was selected by 25 Bishops at the recent USCCB Conference for use in their Diocese and has been reviewed in beta tests with exceptional results. In a California Catholic high school, 97% of the students surveyed stated the presentations either “improved” or “greatly improved” their faith.

Each module has four basic elements:

  1. A volume from the Big Book – Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church as it follows that book and is broken into the four “Parts” of the Catechism.
  2. A corresponding volume from the Little Book – a “Cliffs Notes” distillation of the Big Book.
  3. Presentation Slides for that specific volume – downloadable PDF files with embedded videos, professionally read voice-overs, activities, quizzes and quiz keys.
  4. Presenter Guide – Contains pictures of each slide and notes of interest for the presenter (or user).

As this new website is still under construction, some modules are not yet accessible, however, the 7 Essential Modules program is available now.

Donations to help cover the cost of production and promotions will be gratefully accepted.


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