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Cosmic Origins: Does Science Point to an Intelligent God? This 50-minute documentary featuring seven world renowned physicists is an ideal complement to both The Reason Series (9th grade program) and Science, God & Creation (12th grade program).

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Seven world renowned physicists discuss the relationship between science and faith:

  • Dr. Arno Penzias (Nobel Laureate)
  • Dr. John Polkinghorne (Templeton Laurerate, Cambridge University Physics)
  • Dr. Owen Gingerich (Harvard University – Astronomy)
  • Dr. Michael Heller (Tempelton Laureate)
  • Dr. Lisa Randall (Harvard University Cosmology)
  • Dr. Jennifer Wiseman (NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies)
  • Dr. Stephen Barr (University of Delaware Physics’)

The 21st Century has revealed a remarkable complementarity between physics and faith. The origins of the universe suggest a creation, and the constants and conditions of our universe strongly indicate purpose and design.

This documentary responds to issues ranging from string theory, bouncing universes, and multiverses to the indications of creation, purpose, and intelligence amidst it all. This production is at once entertaining – filled with visual effects and graphics – and is informative about the most important questions – and what science can tell us about them.

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