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Aristotle said, “Happiness is the one thing you can choose for itself – everything else is chosen for the sake of happiness.“ In this one phrase, he reveals how happiness affects our view of ourselves, success, purpose in life – and yes – even our happiness. This one concept controls what we pursue in life and career – and who we choose as our friends and spouses – just about everything we believe and hold dear.

Our high school students need to seriously engage this question in order to make sense out of their lives, their studies, and themselves. Fr. Robert Spitzer has devised a program called “The Four Levels of Happiness” which helps students (and teachers) better understand their options for happiness and purpose in life – and to recognize the traps and pitfalls of delaying decisions, and selecting unwisely. In these 7 episodes, students will encounter the major ideas and principles underlying their happiness – as well as its two related issues – transcendent eternal life and the purpose of suffering.

Two lively young narrators – Eric Johnson and Jennifer Milani – help to interpret world-renowned experts who provide contemporary evidence for God, the soul, the resurrection of Jesus, and the purpose of suffering. An illustrated, user-friendly Study Guide is also available with summaries, study questions, definitions, biographies, and references.

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This 7-episode video series is designed to answer the most fundamental questions affecting our lives — our happiness, purpose, dignity, and sense of destiny:

  1. What is happiness — and how can we be optimally happy?
  2. What makes life worth living — and even optimally worth living?
  3. Do we have a transcendent eternal soul through which God calls us to himself?
  4. Why does God allow suffering — and how can we suffer well?

The authors of this program selected world-renowned experts in these four areas to present the most contemporary scientific, medical, psychological, philosophical, and theological evidence to answer these questions. These interviews are framed within an accessible dialogue between two young people — Eric Johnson and Jennifer Milani – who help explain the experts’ major points and principles. An illustrated, user-friendly, Happiness, The Workbook is also available with summaries, study questions, definitions, biographies, and references.

Interviewees include: Eduardo Verastegui, Dr. Gary Habermas, Dr. John Lennox, Leah Darrow Dr. Jan Holden, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, John Chavez and our own Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.

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