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Filmed by the Magis Center before a live audience at San Antonio de Padua parish in Anaheim Hills, California.

Nearly 2 hours long, it is quite a testament to Fr. Spitzer’s brilliance. He shows strong evidence from a variety of sources for the existence of God and how this evidence relates to Jesus Christ.

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This is a supplemental curriculum for the senior year (first or second semester) giving an extensive explanation of the evidence for God from contemporary science. Many senior teachers have indicated that it is a “must see” for students going to college where they are likely to be confronted by the incorrect contention that faith and science are irreconcilable.

Science, God and Creation is a one hour fifty-five minute dynamic presentation (with graphics and Power Points) presented by Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., discussing the evidence for God from contemporary science. It is divided into seven chapters which can be accessed individually from the root menu:

  • What scientific method can and cannot do
  • The Big Bang Theory and the modern universe
  • The Borde-Vilenkin-Guth proof for a beginning of our universe (and any multiverse)
  • The evidence for a beginning of a universe from entropy
  • Evidence of supernatural design from the fine-tuning of universal constants and initial conditions
  • The evidence of survival of human consciousness after bodily death from near death experiences
  • Why God does not need a creator & why is Jesus Christ important?

Religion and/or science teachers could present one or two chapters per class, and the material can be adequately covered in five to seven class dates.

Use study guide, From Nothing to Cosmos as a supplement to this video material. See page 5 for a table showing how the guide relates to the above 7 chapters.

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