We’ve learned that our Creator is a loving God, because he created beings with a desire for love. And not just any kind of love, but unconditional love.

As we continue our journey through the six questions from a Creator to Jesus, we must ask ourselves, “If we can only be ultimately satisfied by unconditional love, then could the Creator of this desire be anything less than unconditional love?”  In other words, is God love?

Father and Child

If God loves us, and He gave us a yearning for unconditional love, then He must intend to fulfill that desire. It would be cruel to give humanity such a deep yearning knowing that it could never be satisfied, like an eternal itch that could never be scratched.

As we already established, God isn’t cruel and heartless, but a loving Creator. It simply doesn’t make sense for the Creator to give us this desire if it cannot be satisfied. And if he intended it to be gratified, then He must have the means of doing so – He must be unconditionally loving. Why create something for a purpose that is impossible to achieve?

As we discussed in Question 1, “agapē seeks the good of the other”. The word itself claims that love is an act of seeking the good for another. If one claims to love unconditionally, then they must act in accordance with that claim. A parent who loves their child will do what is best for the child, even when it is difficult. The Creator too, must then not only be unconditionally loving, but act with unconditional love.

If this is true, then there must be some way that the Creator shows us that He love us, in a way that completely for our own good. This will be further discussed in the next article.

If you confirm that the Creator loves us unconditionally, because He formed us for unconditional love, check out question 5: what does it mean if the Creator is unconditional love?

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