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Find resolutions to the perceived conflict between faith and reason.

Are faith and science in conflict? Actually there has never been a better time to unite the two. Contemporary science is giving us the tools to test our reasons to believe, and is leading us to some surprising conclusions.

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From Nothing to Cosmos Fr. Spitzer

From Nothing to Cosmos

From Nothing to Cosmos is a lecture series by Fr. Spitzer and is targeted at 10th grade through college level. This lecture series covers the same information as The Reason Series, and a bit more, but in far greater detail.

Cosmic Origins Fr. Spitzer

Cosmic Origins

Cosmic Origins is excellent for high school and above. It is a stand alone documentary, about an hour long, made up of interviews with world-renowned scientists discussing the universe. It is excellent for introducing science, reason and faith and is appropriate for all levels of high school and above. A very good video for using on retreats.

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