Cosmic Origins

The origins of the universe suggest creation, purpose and design. This entertaining and informative documentary explores string theory, bouncing universes, and multiverses – and what we can learn from physics and faith.
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This 50-minute documentary features eight world-renowned physicists speaking about the evidence for creation and supernatural design from contemporary physics.
Professionally produced with outstanding graphics and stunning visual effects.

Physicists includeDr. Arno Penzias (Nobel Prize for discovering Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation), Dr. John Polkinghorne (Cambridge University Physics, Templeton Laureate), Dr. Owen Gingerich (Harvard University – Astronomy), Dr. Michael Heller (Vatican Observatory, Templeton Laureate), Dr. Lisa Randall (Harvard University Cosmology), Dr. Jennifer Wiseman (NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies), and Dr. Stephen Barr (University of Delaware Physics).

Enjoy an excellent production value, with outstanding graphics and visual effects to captivate your class. This product is recommended as an introduction of faith and science: it has the strength of the testimony of 8 world-renowned scientists.

An excellent tool for parish Confirmation retreats and Confirmation classes.

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