Happiness, Suffering, & the Love of God

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Get answers to some of life’s most vexing questions and dispel popular misconceptions.

For those who believe happiness and suffering are incompatible, Fr. Robert Spitzer’s lectures is a guide towards authentic and lasting happiness. Life-changing.

Containing similar content to Happiness!, but in even greater depth, these 5 graphically rich lectures by Fr. Robert Spitzer’s guide viewers towards authentic and lasting happiness.

The Magis Center produces educational materials designed to refute contemporary “inaccurate secular myths”. One such myth is, “Suffering in the world proves God doesn’t exist. If God was all powerful he could stop suffering. God was all loving he would stop suffering.”

While this line of thinking sounds compelling, it’s actually built on faulty logic and ignorance of the facts. Father Spitzer dismantles this myth piece by piece with Happiness, Suffering and the Love of God, and shows us how to find meaning in suffering and lasting happiness.

Topics Covered

  • The Four Levels of Happiness
  • Human Transcendence and the Soul
  • The Resurrection of Jesus and Jesus’ Revelation of God’s Unconditional Love
  • Why Would an All-Powerful, All-Loving God Allow Suffering?
  • How to Suffer Well

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Happiness, Suffering, and the Love of God

Happiness, Suffering, and the Love of God Complete Set


Happiness, Suffering, and the Love of God provides answers to some of life’s most vexing questions and dispels many popular misconceptions as it guides us towards authentic and lasting happiness.

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These workbooks are designed to be used with the DVDs. Their usage will improve retention many times over as well as provide a valuable reference tool.

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To help teachers/facilitators better use the Happiness Suffering and the Love of God series, we offer:

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Get started by selecting the Teacher’s Resource Manual or selecting one of the Lessons. The lesson plans can also be opened directly from the Manual.

 These materials are designed to be used with the DVD or the VOD video set.

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We encourage you to buy the workbooks: in our experience, the students are more likely to keep these books for future reference.

Happiness, Suffering, & The Love Of God – Episode 1

Happiness the Workbook

Happiness: The Series

Happiness is the one thing you can choose for itself – everything else is chosen for the sake of happiness.

In this one phrase, Aristotle reveals how happiness affects our view of ourselves, purpose, what we pursue in life and career, who we choose as friends and spouses – just about everything we believe and hold dear.

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