Suffering and Happiness

Discover how happiness affects our view of ourselves, our purpose in life, and why God allows suffering.

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Are suffering and happiness compatible?

What is the key to happiness? Is it enough to maximize pleasure and avoid pain? If so, why would an all-powerful, all-loving God allow us to suffer? If not, what does it mean to be happy? Discover this and more as we explore the relationship between purpose, happiness, and suffering.

1. The Four Levels of Happiness

Aristotle noted at the beginning of the Nicomachean Ethics that happiness is the one thing you can choose for itself — everything else is chosen for the sake of happiness.

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2. Escaping Your Personal Hell

In the article on the “Four Levels of Happiness” (on this landing page), we indicated that one of the levels of happiness would become dominant in our lives.

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4. Who is God? The Father of the Prodigal Son

For Jesus, the heart of God (who God is) is more important than the attributes of God (what God is).

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3. Science, Medicine, and Near Death Experiences

I cite the evidence of near-death experiences with caution, because there are many books written on this subject that are not scientific or based on any clinical, cross-cultural, long term study, but rather on a few anecdotes taken to the extreme.

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5. Getting Started on Prayer – Spontaneous Prayers

Readers who are familiar with the Four Levels of Happiness will recognize that ultimate happiness can only occur through the satisfaction of our desires for perfect truth, love, justice (goodness), beauty, and home (see the free video and article on the Four Levels of Happiness.

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6. Suffering, Love, and Eternal Life

Suffering can be a tremendous opportunity – if we view it within the context of love and eternal life.

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7. Why Would a Loving God Allow Suffering?

In view of what has been said about the unconditional love of God and His redemption of suffering, one might ask the questions, why would God have allowed suffering to occur in the first place?

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Discover how happiness affects our view of ourselves, the choices we make, our purpose in life, and also why God allows suffering.

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